Times are a changing!

Times are a changing!

Mckinley Pate

Years ago, I remember an elderly man make the statement “time are a changing.”  At the time I was just a young boy and didn’t understand what he meant.  Now that I am older, I understand what he was saying.  I don’t consider myself to be old yet, I’m still in my forties, but I have seen the times change so much in my short life.  I remember one dollar gas, fifty-nine cents’ cheeseburgers and a much simpler life.  I remember when pajamas were not worn outside the home (I’m not condemning it, just making an observation).  I remember when teenagers couldn’t wait to get a job, and when you could watch a television program without any foul language or sexual content in the script.  Times are indeed changing, even in the religious world.

Unfortunately, today, we see many religious organizations changing by turning their backs on God’s Word.  Instead of teaching what God’s Word says, they teach what society wants them to teach.  Many religious organizations have used the excuse of tolerance as a way of not teaching the truth from God’s Word when it comes to certain sins.  We must realize that God’s Word must be the final authority on all things spiritual.  The Psalmist wrote “Forever, O LORD, Your word is settled in heaven,” Psalm 119:89.  We do not have the authority to change God’s unchangeable Word.  If God calls something a sin, then it is a sin, whether society likes it or not.  And if I am going to be right with God, I must agree with His Word on all subjects including salvation and sin.  The prophet Amos wrote “Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?” Amos 3:3. I can’t walk with God and not agree with Him and His Word.

Many so-called churches have coward down to society and have quit teaching “the whole counsel of God,” Acts 20:27.  Here at the Rabun County church of Christ you will find people who love God and His Word and who will not coward down to the latest trends or societal fashions.  We love people, but true love is shown by teaching the truth from God’s Word so that people will be “saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.” 1 Timothy 2:4.  If you’re tired of wishy-washy religion, come and see us.  What you will find will be book-chapter-verse teaching and preaching on all subjects, including sin and salvation.  Let’s work together to bring people back to the Bible and away from sin and pride.

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