Free Online Bible Study

Would you like to know more about the Bible?

Study the Bible Free Online with the Rabun County church of Christ

We offer an online, easy-to-use, 10 lesson course that will introduce you to several basic truths found in the Bible. You will learn about the one true God and His Divinely inspired written Word, the Bible. You will study about humanity's need for salvation from sin and God's plan for providing that salvation through Jesus Christ.  By the time you have finished the course, you will know the facts regarding the church that Jesus established and you will know how to live faithfully as a member of that church.

We provide this Online Bible Study free to you and with no obligation. We will not ask  you for money. We will not sell your personal information. We just want to help you come to know God through Jesus Christ.

You may take the lessons at your own pace. Each lesson has a quiz that you can take online and submit to us. One of our members will grade your quiz and reply to you after he or she receives your completed quiz.

To begin, simply click the "Go to Lesson 1" button below. You will be taken to the first lesson. If you have any questions, you may complete and submit the form on this page. We will reply to you as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your interest. May God bless you as you seek to know more about Him through the study of His Word.

NOTE: This course was written and developed by Truth for the World and is used here by permission.

Lessons in this Course