All about Thee in 2023

Here we are a few months into a new year.  By this time many of our “new year’s resolutions” have been forgotten and we have just went back doing the same thing we did last year.  However, it is not too late to begin a start a new resolution, not only a new one, but...Continue reading


As a parent who has an adopted child, adoption is such a blessing – to both the child and the parent.   There are many children in this world who are seeking to be adopted and loved by loving parents, and many loving parents who are seeking to adopt.  Just as in our physical lives, we...Continue reading

When did the church of Christ begin?

Recently I listened to a sermon which was preached by Buddy Bell at the Landmark church in Montgomery Alabama.  In this sermon, Mr. Bell attempted to justify the use of instrumental music in worship, by saying that it is a “preference” and not a “salvation” issue.  Of course, I completely 100% DISAGREE with Mr. Bell...Continue reading

Crisis at the Border

Crisis at the Border Mckinley Pate Lately, we have heard the term “crisis at the border” a lot.  The debate going back and forth is whether or not this is a true crisis, and frankly that is another talk for another time.  However, the talk got me to thinking about the future crisis at the...Continue reading

Grateful for the “Sin” Eclipse

Grateful for the “Sin” Eclipse Mckinley Pate A few years ago I along with my family were able to experience a total eclipse of the sun. Rabun County Georgia  Officials  were expecting tens of thousands of people to converge on Rabun County to witness a “once in a lifetime event;” a Total Solar Eclipse.  This...Continue reading

It’s Your Fault!

It’s your fault Mckinley Pate Often times, many want to blame others for things that do not go their way in life.  Sports fans like to blame the athletes, athletes blame the coaches and coaches blame the referees.  Children blame their parents, parents blame law enforcement or the media, and, well, the media blames everyone. ...Continue reading

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