All about Thee in 2023

Here we are a few months into a new year.  By this time many of our “new year’s resolutions” have been forgotten and we have just went back doing the same thing we did last year.  However, it is not too late to begin a start a new resolution, not only a new one, but the most important resolution that you will ever make – attending church services on a regular basis!  You see we live in a society that has taught us to make everything about “me.”  Our society says that the person you look at everyday in the mirror is the most important person in the world and that person’s wants and desires come first.  However, that can’t be further away from the truth.  This year at the Rabun County church of Christ, we made a resolution to make 2023 all about Thee, The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirt, as well as looking at our response to God!  It may be the case that you want to learn more about the Godhead (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and about how you can serve God better.  We want to invite you to come and visit with us this Sunday.  When you come, you won’t hear a bunch of fluff, you won’t hear man’s opinions, nor will you hear about the latest political/society trends.  What you will hear is a Biblical message, backed up by book/chapter/verse scripture that is easy to follow and understand.  You may be thinking that “church” is too intimidating!  It’s just a bunch of people walking around with an “holier than Thou” attitude.  At the Rabun County church of Christ, you will find regular people, just trying to make their way through this life in a way that pleases God so that they will one day reach their forever home – Heaven.  And we also want to help others get to Heaven.  It may be that you have been wondering what God is all about, come and see!  It may be that you are starving in a religious institution that worries more about being Biblically correct than politically correct, come and see!  I promise what you will find is church the way God intended it and not the way man has made it.  And in the process you will learn more about God and start to make 2023 all about Thee!

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